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Robert Summa Gives Jason Hall A Run For His Money!

Oh what a dreamy boy this guy is!

Robert Summa Gives Jason Hall A Run For His Money!: “

You probably read our post nominating Joystiq’s Robert Summa for The Girl Gamer’s ‘Hottest Video Game Industry Guy Of The Week’. Of course he made the list, after all, we gays do have an eye for the distingushed gentlemen! Then, the following week TGG’s webmistress, Faith Naked posted this breathtaking pic of Jason Hall, Senior Vice President for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and CEO of Monolith Productions Inc.

Not to be outdone, Robert has sent Faith his own posing pictures, one of which can be seen accompanying this article. Who knew our little nomination would spark a ‘Battle Of The Shirtless Hotties’. Oh, Mr. Destructoid… I think it’s your turn to step up to the plate. Let’s see some sexy shirtless robot action!

See Robert’s other pic here. [The Girl Gamer]

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August 23, 2006 - Posted by | Technology

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