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Nintendogs trainable plushies

OMG!! I want a trainable plush puppy!!

Nintendogs trainable plushies: “

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Just when you thought the Nintendogs franchise had gone as far as it could go, here comes one of the most clever uses of the license yet — trainable toy dogs based on breeds from the games. There are two types; the simpler Trick Trainer Pups come with a magnetic bone that can be used to guide them through tricks. The more elaborate, aptly-named Interactive Play puppies do just that — they interact by wagging their tails when they’re stroked, howling when you howl, and some will even snarl and growl during a game of tug-of-war. Toss in a slipper-chewing feature and it’s almost like having a real dog!

The plushy pups debuted last week in the UK from retailer Tomy and through Amazon UK for 9.99 (about $20 USD) for the Trick Trainers and 24.99 for for the Interactive Play Pups. Check out the commercial after the jump. We just hope you don’t have to play with them every day to keep them in line … take the dogs out of the video game and there’s no telling what they’ll get up to.

(Via DS Fanboy.)


November 10, 2006 - Posted by | Technology

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