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GameStop cannot fill PS3 preorders

I told you guys back in September. Don’t put any faith in Game Stop. They are idiot whores when it comes to pre-ordering. Although did let me down this year with the their MIA pre-ordering, they at least didn’t take orders that they couldn’t fulfill.

GameStop cannot fill PS3 preorders:

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Retail chain GameStop has confirmed to news outlet GameSpot that, despite playing it cool with PlayStation 3 pre-orders (approximately 8-12 units promised per store), the retail chain cannot fulfill all the initial preorders after receiving a launch allocation number from Sony. That’s right, folks: even though you’ve already given the store $100 to reserve the system, you may not get one at launch.

GameStop has done the smart move of asking its employees to wait on their purchases until the second shipment. A representative who spoke to GameSpot is ‘anticipating having systems to cover reservations before Christmas.’ Those who have a preorder through GameStop should be contacted by phone and given a status update. The unfortunate souls who have a PS3 preorder but will not receive one at launch will be given a free used game or DVD valued less than $20 … whenever they finally get their PS3.

After having promised $100 to the company, it’s unlikely most customers will be willing to spend $600 elsewhere — or wait in line, for that matter, when they already did so a month prior. It’s too soon to tell who’s fault this is, the retail outlet or Sony itself. We’ll know soon enough just how many units will be sold on launch day.

What happens to those who put their PS3 on eBay and now get it delayed? Will they be faulted for GameStop’s actions?

(Via Joystiq.)


November 13, 2006 - Posted by | Technology

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  1. IDIOT WHORES! PSIII is junk anyway. We want WE!

    Comment by Patblue | November 14, 2006 | Reply

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