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Wear All Your Gadgets And Still Look Cool

Wear All Your Gadgets And Still Look Cool: “

scottevest jacket.jpg

By David Edney

If you read our articles here at OhGizmo you either a) have as many gadgets as we write about; or b) have more gadgets then we cover and actually rule the entire gadget universe [Um, what? -Ed.]. In any case Scottevest has got you covered, literally. Through Brookstone, they sell an awesome ‘Technology Ready Fleece-Jacket.’ This thing holds almost anything and everything you could carry on you. It has 12 hidden pockets that can carry all your technological goodies, as well as a ‘patented routing system’ for earbuds and a shoulder design that ‘promotes even distribution of weight.’ It even has a pocket for a water bottle for in-game hydration. The sleeves remove so you can turn it into a dorky classy vest, and best of all it has reflective piping so that cars will see you in the crosswalk when you’re playing your PSP and listening to your iPof. It goes for $140 and you better buy it now so you can receive it before Christmas.

[ Jacket ] VIA [ CNET ]

(Via OhGizmo!.)


December 1, 2006 - Posted by | Technology

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