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Sanjaya’s On the Tour, VFTW Victory!

Sanjaya now, Sanjaya forever!!

Sanjaya's On the Tour, VFTW Victory!:

In an amazing shocker of a night, Sanjaya was declared safe, while Stephanie Edwards and Chris Richardson made up the bottom two. Stephanie went home (most people said, ‘Whos Stephanie?’) and Sanjaya made it to next week. This is a huge victory because we got him on the tour. So now everyone who wants to see their favorite Idols will also be seeing VFTW darling Sanjaya this summer too. And he gets to work with Gwen Stefani next week (lets hope he has the option of singing Hollaback Girl.)

This may be one of VFTWs greatest accomplishments ever, so thanks to everyone who voted, especially all of the new Howard Stern listeners who joined us this week! Every vote counted, and just make sure to vote just as hard next week. Sanjaya will need the help again because people are really going to be mad that hes there. But after his performance of You Really Got Me, theres no doubt in our mind… Sanjaya loves us and we love him.

Also, check back Monday for the brand new, redesigned VFTW t-shirts!
(Photochop by Princess Melissa Lansing)

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March 24, 2007 - Posted by | Technology

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