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Sony starts bribing Gamestop managers to sell PS3s

Sony starts bribing Gamestop managers to sell PS3s:

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Sony has just started a rewards program for Gamestop managers to see who can sell the most PlayStation 3s, according to a tip received by Gamers Report. The article goes on to explain that Sony will host regional contests to see which store can sell the most PS3s, with the winner receiving a boatload of points to be redeemed in the private Sony/Gamestop retail rewards site (credentials required). Additional points will be granted to the number one store in the whole company, which should provide enough Sony swag to bury the top manager’s Subaru in PlayStation paraphernalia.

While it’s not unusual to have companies strike a deal with Gamestop/EB Games to push a particular product, this looks like it might be a larger-than-average marketing push by Sony. It’s clear that the PS3’s sales aren’t setting the world on fire like Sony was hoping, and it’s possible that this is the start of a larger marketing campaign that coincides with the end (finally!) of the drought of PS3 games later this summer. Regardless, prepare to get barraged with offers for PlayStation 3’s every time you call or visit a Gamestop for the next couple months. And no, telling them that you already have one doesn’t stop them — we’ve tried.

(Via PS3 Fanboy.)


June 6, 2007 - Posted by | Technology

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