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Iomega brings its NAS storage to the home

Iomega brings its NAS storage to the home:

(Credit: Iomega Corp.)

Iomega announced today that it has finally moved into the home NAS market. Although Iomega has long produced NAS storage for small businesses, it hasn’t brought its technology into the home. The new Home Network Hard Drive does exactly that. The network-attached storage drive comes in …

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Kill toothbrush germs wherever you go

Kill toothbrush germs wherever you go:

(Credit: ProductDose)

We must admit that, as far as germ-centric issues are concerned, the toothbrush has to rank at or near the top of the list. And even though some uber-devices claim to sterilize practically any object they encounter, we’d feel more comfortable with something that’s been developed …

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Fond Memories Of The Oregon Trail Now On A Sweatshirt Or T-Shirt

Fond Memories Of The Oregon Trail Now On A Sweatshirt Or T-Shirt: “

The Oregon Trail Shirts (Image courtesy The Wireless Catalog)
By Andrew Liszewski

For a lot of kids their first dose of the harsh realities of life came from a game I use to play on the Apple IIe called The Oregon Trail. For those not familiar with it the goal was to basically get your family of settlers across the harsh American wilderness towards a new life.

You always started out full of hope as you chose your skilled trade and assembled your wagon but unfortunately along the way your clan would get hit with almost every hardship one could imagine from broken axles to dead horses to a plethora of diseases including dysentery which is now immortalized on this sweatshirt or t-shirt. And to be honest the game never really had what I would call a great bedside manner either. A lot of it was text based so getting a message like ‘You have died of dysentery’ was delivered with as much compassion as ‘River crossing ahead.’ Not to mention the fact that once you had succumbed to dysentery there was no ‘continue from last checkpoint’ option. Like in life, dying from dysentery in the game was final.

However this sweatshirt or t-shirt lets you hold your head high if your family never made it to the new frontier, and will help you meet up with others who suffered a similar fate. They’re available from The Wireless Catalog for $27.95 or $17.95. (Add $2 for XXL sizes.)

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