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Wake n’ Bacon is most delicious alarm clock ever

Wake n’ Bacon is most delicious alarm clock ever: wake-bacon-open.jpgAlarm clocks are a necessary evil. They’re necessary because, well, you need to wake up in time for work, but they’re evil because they wake you from a restful slumber with a harsh, horrible noise. There’s just got to be a better way to wake up in the morning.

Say hello to the Wake n’ Bacon. Simply put a frozen strip of bacon into it when you go to bed. 10 minutes before you’re supposed to wake up, it’ll start cooking the bacon. The smell will waft out, waking you up to the odor of sweet, sweet hogfat. If you don’t wake up, a small alarm will go off. Sure, that’s annoying, but at least your bedroom will smell like bacon, right?

Mathlete, via BornRich

(Via DVICE.)


July 30, 2008 Posted by | Technology | 2 Comments